While hanging out with my family at our favorite mall Powerplant Rockwell, Makati. We tried this new place Paul located at the new wing of the mall. The ambience was quiet fine and the establishment looked cozy, the pastry displayed at the counter was definitely mouth watering and so dine we did.

My wife ordered the strawberry shortcake and when it arrived it certainly looked delicious though when i tasted it…. hmmm… well, the taste didn’t match the look. I was kinda disappointed but still it was nice, though i don’t think it was worth the price.

My daughter ordered the Strawberry Custard Tart (can’t remember the exact name) and as you can see it looks heavenly. And when i had a taste of it…. indeed, it was really good as my daughter wasn’t so thrilled in sharing it with me.

Now the apple of my eye in the dessert menu was the Almond Croissant. And, it was fine, though i don’t think it was worth its weight in pesos but i still enjoyed it, unable to finish it though.

Overall, the food was good, i can’t complain i still kinda enjoyed the experience of family time inside the establishment. And as for the service…. well, their waiters can use some seminars in proper restaurant service as some of them lack the courteousness expected by diners at a high end restaurant or at least their price was high end. And if I’m asked if i would be considering in going back to Paul?… No! I don’t think so.



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