When you mention this to insomniacs, often they smile in disbelief. They cannot see how moving your legs at night would stop you from being able to sleep properly. However, scientists have been working on finding out reasons why people with RLS have problems sleeping and have found that neurotransmitters called glutamate maybe the cause, since these were shown to be elevated in people with RLS.

Stretch and exercise helps this, so yoga may have the answers for those suffering from R.L.S. Glutamate release from the brain is used to improve cognitive development and thus would be something a human being might need if intending to study or learn something new. However, when needing to sleep, this neuro transmitter can make the mind too active and thus make sleep almost impossible.

People who suffer from sleep apnea have also been shown to elevate levels of glutamate. Zinc can help because this transforms glutamate into GABA which is what is needed in order to be able to relax. Coffee is also known to encourage Glutamate so if you do suffer from restless leg syndrome, it’s particularly important that you avoid drinking coffee or taking medications containing caffeine at bedtime or within the hour before bedtime.

There is much talk among professionals about what is best to help the Glutamate turn into GABA and there are very few clues. Nutritionists say to avoid eating mushrooms, parmesan cheese and green peas if you suffer from restless leg syndrome, although there are other professionals who say that the safest supplement that you can take is L-Theanine which is natural and comes from the leaves of tea.

These supplements can be bought at a healthfood store of repute. Once you have an understanding of what’shappening inside the body when restless leg syndrome occurs, it is fairly straightforward to diminish Glutamate and encourage more GABA. This in turn will relax the body and will help the sufferer to overcome the obstacle of sleeping.


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