When people ask why they are not sleeping properly, often theydon’t know that although there are classic reasons for lack ofsleep, there are other reasons that are not so common. These may be the reason behind your seemingly endless nights of staring into the darkness, wishing you could go to sleep.

It may be that your body is trying to tell you something and it helps to understand a little about the workings of the human body. With this understanding, you may just be able to get the sleep you have been longing for.

Adrenal Exhaustion:

The way that the human body works is quite logical. When you are at rest, your body is able to store energy and this energy is used when you perform an activity. If you have ever heard theexpression “I am too tired to sleep” what the patient may besuffering from is adrenal exhaustion. If you can imagine the body being like a rechargeable battery, eventually that battery loses all power and can no longer be recharged.

Well that’s what happens to the body during adrenal exhaustion There’s no energy. Thus, when someone gets involved in activities,energy is drained even further. It works out as something of a vicious circle. Those suffering from this often take what they believe to stimulate energy. For example, they may drink coffee.

The mistaken belief that this helps the energy levels fires up even more exhaustion because although coffee may appear to givesomeone energy, it doesn’t. It simply drains the body of moreenergy because you work on the assumption there is more to be had from the coffee that you drank and this actually uses more energy than the energy gained from the coffee. In this case, the only way out of the vicious circle is to learn to relax.

Yoga and stretching exercises are the answer since when you stretch your muscles, you immediately allow more energy storage in your body. Adding to your supplementation of magnesium also helps because whereas calcium contracts the muscles, magnesium relaxes them enabling you to relax and thus gain energy. When your energy levels are normalized, you will be able to be active in the daytime and thus encourage correct sleep at night. Thus, you can see that the human body relies upon a balance of lifestyle that gives adequate rest and adequate output. When the output outweighs the rest, then the result is adrenalin exhaustion.


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